HELPING HANDS – a school in a living room

The organization HELPING HANDS Cusco was founded in August 2005.

The founders started to teach seven children in mathematics, communications, personal skills and science in their small living room. One year later there were already twelve students and in 2007 even 25 children – too many for a small room.

Since the Peruvian government didn’t officially recognize the activities of HELPING HANDS as an official school education, they could not give any certification to the students. The idea of building an own school raised.


The Charity School SAN GABRIEL 

In 2008 HELPING HANDS founded the charity school SAN GABRIEL.

With all permissions of the government and a proper place to stay, the school became official. At the same time HELPING HANDS started to construct a school building.

Now SAN GABRIEL consists of a kindergarten (3 to 6 year old children) and a part-primary school (6 to 9 year old children). All together there are around 60 students in five classes.

All of these developments were only possible with the help of donations and volunteers. And they still are.