Hi, my name is Mario, I am a Peruvian teacher of grammar, literature, English and Spanish. I was born in a poor family of 5 siblings.

In my opinion, the best thing my parents gave me was education. My mother was a person who could not finish secondary education; My father was able to go to university, study and work was the story of his life, unfortunately he was never able to overcome his alcoholism.



So, I know that education can provide chances and a change in the vicious circle of poverty. 

Mario Diaz

Rosa, my wife, is in charge of the charity school “San Gabriel” and of all the activities organised around the school. She is the spokesman towards the parents of the children, and has the final responsibility about the school’s policy. She coordinates volunteers and is in charge of the production of handcrafts by the single mothers of our area.

Here you have my family: Brenda, Andrea and Rodrigo. All of them used to study in the charity school SAN GABRIEL with another poor children. We trust in the quality of education.