Volunteer Work

Helping Hands Cusco heavily depends on volunteers for its work and its survival.

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Since the start of Helping Hands Cusco, many volunteers already helped our organization a hand. This makes us very grateful. Not only for the visual support that volunteers give, but also for the simple fact that it gives us the privilege to connect and feel connected with people all over the world.

People, young or old, whatever ideology or background, found and find in Helping Hands an interesting and challenging place, where they also actually can make a difference.





  1. Volunteer work at the charity school “San Gabriel”:

           Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

 The basic courses they take are: communication, mathematics, science, and social skills.

At the school you can work in the following ways:

  • Helping the teachers.
  • Being a teacher of English, sports and art. According the skills of the volunteers, they could teach or help in: English, sports and art. If you want to teach any of these courses, we will give you the schedule. Classes of English, sports and art are just for 45 minutes each one. We have all the materials for that. If you want to do something especial you have to provide your own material
  • Each Friday we have the Big Brother Day, so volunteers and children go out to the Zoo, park, museum, or going to the country side.
  • If you have any idea for helping us in other ways, just tell us.
  • Making educative drawings and paints.


2. Volunteer work at the workshops


Furniture, educative materials, decorations and toys. Furniture is made of wood and melamine; we produce shelves, chairs, tables, windows, doors and small furniture for children for educative squares. For educative materials we just use wood, we make puzzles, tangrams and geometric figures. In decorations we make Andean altarpieces, Pucara bulls and Andean mirrors frames; all of them made of ceramics, wood and glue. In toys we just make little cars made of wood. We use second hand wood the most of the time.



Production of clothes, clothes for dolls, dolls, Christmas dolls, teddy bears, decorations and accessories for home. All made of baby alpaca wool of high quality. This production is making by single mothers and women that need money for their families.


  • DANCE AND MUSIC WORKSHOP: if you have enough experience you could be a teacher or a helper of dance and music, just tell us about it. We offer 4 hours per week teaching all these items. Also, if you want you can learn with us traditional dances, modern dances, Andean traditional music and mix of modern and Andean music, write to us and we will give to you more information.


3. Volunteer work in construction

We don’t have a permanent budget for this project, so the volunteer or volunteers have to pay for buying some materials, like: paint, cement, some plants, etc. it is not expensive things.

Building, painting, excavating and planting. You can do this work in any time you want. It is not necessary previous experience. All time we have a local professional helping the volunteers.

We have a list of projects for building, so if you are interested in this work, tell me, and then I can send to you more information.


Practical Info

a) Time

You can volunteer for any amount of time.  For reasons of continuity however, we advise to volunteer at least a week or 2. But again, exceptions are possible.

b) Costs and contribution

Unlike a lot of other organizations, we do not ask volunteers to pay anything for their volunteer work. We believe that if we can help volunteers having an exciting, meaningful and challenging time here in Cusco, Helping Hands Cusco can somehow also “profit” from that.

What we do expect however is to answer the following questions or items:

  • Whats your name, nationality and address?
  • Dates to volunteer
  • Preferred residence: host family, Volunteer house or do you organize privately?
  • Skills: Education, Languages, others that help in the volunteer work.
  • Preferences of volunteer work, you can check all the options we offer and the times. With this information we can make your personal schedule of work.

Send all this info to helpingcusco2008@gmail.com

Also, we do expect you to bring a material or financial contribution to our organization. It can be toys, school material (pencils, paper,…), board games, puzzles, or simply a donation. A lot of volunteers for example, before they come over, organize a benefit beforehand in their home-country for family and sympathizers, something that we like to encourage.

 c) Volunteer in your own country

Some (ex-volunteers) volunteer from out of their own country, occasionally, an action on an individual level, for something that we really admire.  Others volunteer more structurally, like our friends from Helping Hands Nederland or Helping Hands Belgium. In their own country, they organize events, actions or benefits or get inspiration for their Peruvian brothers.

If somehow you would be interested to collaborate with this, please contact us.

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