Since we, at Helping Hands Cusco, don’t receive any structural support from the Peruvian government, we must strongly rely on the goodwill of people who want to support us.

On one hand, this is a pity, because it makes us dependent and vulnerable.

On the other, it has a very beautiful side: on which allows us to make a connection with people around the whole world and, likewise, people from all over the world can find a connection with a warm, welcoming project that wants to change the poverty and the lack of opportunities for underprivileged children and families in the outskirts of a major Peruvian city.

In this way, borders can disappear and very different people from very different places can work together for something all of them believe in: that yes, indeed, it is worth the effort. Worth the effort to put hands together, contribute, feel a universal brotherhood and, even though it will not change the world, it will definitely change something for the better of children and families in Peru.

So, you are welcome here any time you want to come and help.