Founder and director: Mario Díaz

Hi, my name is Mario, I am a Peruvian teacher of grammar, literature, English and Spanish. I was born in a poor family of 5 siblings. I do not feel ashamed of my poverty. For a long time, when I was young, I wondered why I am poor, why I do not have food, why my parents fight, why my father is an alcoholic. And also, for a long time I did not find an answer. Since we started with the project, little by little I found my answers. Now when I see a child who has not eaten, I know what it is not to have food and I understand it and I try to help him. I know what it is to walk the streets looking for something to eat, I know what it is to walk in broken clothes and shoes, I know what it is like to see your parents fighting, I know what it is to receive blows, I know what it is to receive insults, I know what it is to suffer marginalization. Thanks to my experiences I know many things and now I can understand very well the people who suffer the same things that I and my family used to suffer.

I believe that everything that happens to us in life is to make us better people and to help others. then, no longer look for the why of things, let’s start using our experiences to understand other people and help them.

My mother received just part of the primary education. My father graduated from the University of Law (in 12 years because he used to work and study at the same time), he became the first professional in his family. It was at that moment that my life started to change.  Because of my father degree, me and my sisters and brothers were able to start an education.

So, I know that education can provide chances and a change in the vicious circle of poverty. 


Founder and coordinator: Rosa Gutierrez

Rosa, my wife, is in charge of the charity school “San Gabriel” and of all the activities organised around the school. She is the spokesman towards the parents of the children, and has the final responsibility about the school’s policy. She coordinates volunteers and is in charge of the production of  handcrafts by the single mothers of our area.





Here you have my family: Brenda, Andrea and Rodrigo. All of them used to study in the charity school SAN GABRIEL  with another poor children. We trust in the quality of educatiol.