Charity School SAN GABRIEL

The Peruvian School System

In Peru only two sorts of schools exist: public and private schools. Public schools are run by the government. Unfortunately there aren’t enough public schools for all children and often they are too far awar. That’s why there are also private schools. These schools are expensive and not affordable for everybody.


The charity school SAN GABRIEL

In the District San Sebastian, Cusco aren’t any public schools. Underprivileged children have to take a long bus ride to go to a distant public school or study in an expensive private school. Hence many poor children cannot go to school.

On these grounds HELPING HANDS founded the school SAN GABRIEL – a charity school for underprivileged children in San Sebastian.

SAN GABRIEL does not receive any support from the government. The school only runs with the help of donations and volunteers.

NOW: The charity school SAN GABRIEL has a kindergarten (3 to 6 years old children) and a part-primary school (6 to 10 years old children). All together there are around 78 students.

The children receive lunch at SAN GABRIEL to make sure they have a good meal each day.



Dance and Music Workshops

Among the school education, SAN GABRIEL also offers a dance workshops and a music workshop twice a week.

Here the children learn tradional and modern dances. Furthermore they get to know how to play different traditional and modern instruments.