Helping Hands Cusco was founded in August 2005 . 

In 2005 we had 7 children, that year we started also with the first Christmas celebration of the project. In 2006 we already had 12 children. For the year 2007 we had 25 children too much for our living room, just 12 children went to a public school, the rest didn’t study. We used to teach them mathematics, communication, personal skills and science, the children used to learn as a normal school, but we didn’t have the official permission of the Ministry of Education, it was a frustrating fact, because important time got lost, they learned but we couldn’t offer them official certificates of that. And so far the Peruvian government didn’t officially recognize Helping Hands Cusco as a school. The idea of formalizing Helping Hands and building an own school started growing.

In 2008, thanks the help of HHN (Jeroen, John father and son and Yola) we started officially as a kindergarten with all the permissions of the government and with a proper place for teaching.

Now, 2018, with the help of people of good heart, many people of great heart, we got the following things, thanks for 13 wonderful years working together:

  • One school with 6 classes, for giving education to children aged 3 to 9 years old.
  • Baby alpaca wool production, with this project 7 single mothers can maintain their families.
  • Carpentry workshop, we produce our educative materials made of wood, furniture and decoration for our school and for poor families.
  • Dance and Music workshop, for all our students and for members of our community.
  • One place for offering lodging and food for 20 girls that do not have the opportunity of study at  the high school.

Here you have all the images about all the development in 13 years of work:

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