Project: Education in Lares

In the sector called Lares, we have 67 families living in the following small villages:

  • Wacawasi (3,600 meters above sea level – reachable by car)
  • Ipsaicocha (4,658 meters above sea level – reachable by horse or walking)
  • Patacancha (3,800 meters above sea level – reachable by horse or walking)


Current situation

  • Education
    –  Children (5 to 12 years) walk around 1.5 hours to reach their school in the morning and 1.5 hours again in the afternoon to get back home
    –  Teenagers (> 13 years) have to leave their families to live in bigger villages with secondary schools
    –  Teachers are often not capable to do a good job (lacking educational material, not enough teachers, missing teacher trainings, etc.)
    –  Students from the andean region (and the jungle) have the lowest points in international exams
    –  Students from this region rarely achieve a university degree
  • Health
    –  The mayority of children are undernourished
    –  One-sided source of carbs: potatos and corn
    –  Their diet almost doesn’t contain any fruits or meat
    –  Families cook and sleep in the same room: they breath smokey air the whole time
    –  No existence of tooth brush, tooth paste, towls or soap
    –  Not enough (warm) clothes and shoes available
  • Agriculture Production
    –  Sale of alpaca wool is the biggest income source
    –  Potato production for their own living decreases every year (young people leave the villages to study)
    Not enough information how to produce more potatos in a better, natural way


How we can help

  • Education
    – Bring the school to the children (5 to 12 years): teacher go to children houses
    – Have a house for the teeangers (> 13 years) to eat, sleep, study and do different activities
    – Prepare educational material in Spanish and Quechua
  • Health
    –  Do medical campaigns to find out what’s the real nutritional situation of the children and their families
    –  Bring the needed nutritive food
    –  Bring clothes, shoes and hygienic articles
  • Agriculture Production
    –  Cooperation with a proffesional in agriculture to give classes of potato production
    –  Help to sell the potatos in Cusco
    –  Possibility to talk with professionals of zootechnics to increase alpaca wool production