“THE HOPE HOUSE”, LODGING & FOOD for poor girls


We have one apartment for 20 indigenous girls.

Normally in little towns,  at the highest parts of Cusco (3800 – 4200 meters above sea level),  there are just primary schools. According to statistics, normally the girls have the better grades at schools in Peru. Unfortunately there are high schools just in bigger towns. The parents prefer sending to bigger towns just men, because normally girls are pregnant when they are 14, 15 or 16 years old, so for the parents it doesn’t matter if girls study or not secondary school, they will be pregnant in anyway. Just men have this opportunity of continuing studying in high schools.  Therefore, talented girls that finished with good grades the primary school have to stop studying secondary school or high school just because they are women.

So, we want to bring to Cusco these talented girls for studying at the high school and living here with us.

The cost for 1 girl living and studying (food, bed, educative materials, bus tickets and clothes) here in Cusco is 1200 dollars  per year. Now we have enough money for bringing 5 girls. please, if you can help us in this way would be really nice. 

After receiving a good education these girls will never go back to being poor and will be able to help their families.