Volunteer House & Host Family


The host family:

We have 3 families around the project that offer the host family, these one are a typical medium class   Peruvian  families and they spend all the time that the volunteers are free for doing daily activities, like going to the market, cooking together, running, going to play sports, etc.  You have your own room and a bathroom. It is totally safe place.

We offer: Monday to Friday 3 meals, Saturday and Sunday breakfast and dinner, Wi-Fi, cable TV, hot water. You have access to the kitchen, so you can cook if you want. We have especial diet for people with allegics or vegetarian ones.

The cost is 25 dollars per day.


The Volunteer House:

Option 1: Here you can stay with other volunteers, at this place you have: a shared room, a kitchen, Wi-Fi, TV, hot water.  So you can cook your own food, you have a complete kitchen with all the things you will need for being comfortable.

The price is 12 dollars per day.

Option 2: if you have a group, minimum 10 members, you still have: a shared room, a kitchen, Wi-Fi, TV, hot water; but a cooker will prepare all your 3 foods, Monday to Friday; also there are a people who clean the entire house every day. With this option you will help 2 poor families for getting money.

The price is 25 dollars per day.


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