Inspire / Get Inspired

We are always very open to new ideas, new suggestions and new initiatives to improve our organization. Sometimes people (for example, overseas) have good ideas for us. Sometimes we can be a good idea for them.

This inspiration is welcome, not only to optimize our organization and the way we work, but also to try to make the step to self-sufficiency, to gain own incomes.

Something that is, as we mentioned already, very necessary, but not so easy for a school.

For example

  • Do you have a bio-shop in Germany and you are interested in selling artisanal Peruvian products?
  • Are you a tailor in Belgium in search of Alpaca hats?
  • Do you know somebody in Lima who has a bus to rent for a cheap price?
  • Are you working in a computer shop in Holland with 10 laptops left that you want to contribute?
  • Is your handy cousin from Texas a bit bored at his job and is searching for a place to make himself useful for half a year as a construction worker?
  • Are you a French guide in charge of a group travel to Peru and still looking for an authentic experience?
  • Do you know a Canadian organization that has a budget for small projects in the South, where you can apply?

All this info is welcome as it may be the spark for starting a new fire.

Contact us, inspire us, and get inspired: