Choose your ahijado/a

a) Choose your ahijado/a

On the next page, you find an overview of the children that you can sponsor. Just click on the picture to find more information about them and to fill out the form.

Note: Although we are fully aware that an overview of sponsorable children may seem somewhat strange in first world countries, it is not uncommon for small organisations in developing countries. So we decided to do it this way and give possible padrino’s/madrina’s the choice to really choose a child, so that a personal connection can be established. Off course, if somehow you would not feel comfortable with this “picking out”, in the form there is also an option to let us choose your ahijado/a.

Note: All parents are aware and informed about this project, we asked their permission and therefore: that their child is presented on our website.

b) Fill out the form and send it back


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