Fostering as padrino or madrina

Since 2015, we offer the opportunity to foster/sponsor our pupils. People from all over the world can become a godfather or -mother (in Spanish we call it a “padrino” or a “madrina”) of a specific child of our school. At that moment, the child will become the ahijada (if it is a girl) or ahijado (if it is a boy) of the padrino or madrina. A translation of ahijado/a could be “foster child”, though on a very personal, familial level.

A. The idea

The idea of searching padrinos and madrinas is a common concept for organizations that want to change something in developing countries and have almost no budget: a padrino/madrina can offer an unique international reciprocal connection between a foreigner and a Peruvian child and its family.

Here you find an overview of our children who would like to have a padrino or a madrina.

Apart from keeping Helping Hands Cusco running, the monthly support of the padrino/madrina will make sure that the child can:

  • continue studying at our school in San Gabriel, almost for free.
  •  get some useful extra things or accesories that otherwise are harder to get and that parents sometimes can not afford

Off course, a padrino or madrina will not replace a possible real (Peruvian) godfather, let alone the parents, but he or she will have a beautiful place at the side of the family picture.

B. What we offer

  1. A unique international and intercultural connection that will be enriching in both ways, and can result in a life-long strong friendship.
  2. The guarantee your contribution is going directly to where it is needed
  3. The possibility to make your contribution tax-deductible (so that in fact, you can even get back half of your donation)
  4. Facilitating specific or extra demands from padrinos/madrinas
  5. Transferring (optional) communication from padrinos/madrinas to their ahijado/a
  6. If necessary: translate communication from Spanish to English/Dutch/French/German and vice-versa.
  7. Yearly make sure that the tax deductible attests are handed out, in Belgium and Holland.
  8. Every 4 to 6 months an update, usually send by e-mail.

– how your ahijado/a is doing (at the school, at home)

– a personal card or letter (or painting)

– pictures

C. What we ask

  1. A monthly contribution of 18 euros/month (or 20 dollars/month)
  2. A commitment of at least 1 year, and therefore: a filled out form
  3. At least now and then some little communication from your side

D. What we do with your support

From your monthly 18 euro’s / 20 dollars

  • 10 euro’s (or 11 dollars) will go to Helping Hands Cusco

–> this amount will allow us to have a structural financial monthly base, something we need to keep Helping Hands Cusco running like it should. It will contribute to expenses like wages for our staff, school materials, construction work, or starting up new projects.

  • 7 euro’s (or 8 dollar, or 25 soles) will go to your ahijado/a

–> for well considered reasons, Helping Hands Cusco will not give the money directly to the child or to the parents directly, but we’ll spend it in stuff. With these monthly 25 soles, we’ll buy something useful, something necessary for your ahijdo/a. We can also decide to save up the money a few months and buy afterwards something more expensive. In our 3 monthly-update you will get informed what we did with this part of your contribution.

  • 1 euro (or 1 dollar) will go to a financial reserve for transaction costs

Practical info about fostering as padrino/madrina